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Gemi - Apple Cider Vinegar Gummy

An Overall Health Benefits for Everyone!

Apple Cider Vinegar with the “Mother” is fermented apples and water. This turns them into acetic acid, which is a main active ingredient in ACV. It contains polyphenols, which are compounds in plants that act as antioxidants. They help the body to fight against cell damage, lowering your risk of certain types of cancer, diabetes, and heart disease. It also helps to ease inflammation in the body.


Gemi - Goodnight Sleep Gummy

As when we say, "Sweet Dreams", we really mean it!

Gemi Goodnight Sleep are made with a natural, delicious blueberry flavor. Melatonin is naturally produced in the body to guide our “sleep-wake” cycle. When the sun set, darkness signals the brain to produce melatonin, telling our body it’s time to sleep. Melatonin levels stay elevated to help keep us asleep. When the sun rise, the light signals the brain to stop making melatonin. Changes in routine, season time changes, and screen-time before bed are some of the many things that can interrupt melatonin production and throw us off cycle. Gemi Goodnight Sleep can help.


Gemi - Biotin Radiant & Healthy Gummy

Radiant Skin / Strengthen Hair & Fingernails / Healthy Nervous System / Healthy Liver & Eyes

Biotin offers a variety of health benefits. It can help maintain the health of your nervous system, liver, eyes, hair, and skin. Biotin helps your body use enzymes and carry nutrients throughout the body. Last but not least, Biotin is a versatile addition to your beauty routine.

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